The scope and goals of the company

The scope and goals of the company

Cottonseed oil

Obtained by pressing, refined, deodorized, premium and first grades.Ideal for preparation of national dishes.

Cottonseed meal

Reduction of gossypol by treatment with urea.Food product with high protein content for livestock and poultry.Shelf life - 3 months.

Cottonseed husk

Husk obtained from technical cotton seed without using chemicals.Food products for cattle and small ungulates.Shelf life - 6 months.

Laundry soap

70% soap, no synthetic additives, is made on the basis of natural fats.Due to the absence of the excess substances for bleaching has a high value.

• Improving the efficiency of production.The restoration and upgrading of equipment investment.

• Supply of meal and hulls farms processing technical seeds and the area's cattle farms

• The main goal of the company is to increase production and support the local market with quality products.